Entertainment Sun, 20 Oct 2019

Portia Asare Boateng unveils maiden movie ‘Mary Magdalene’

Actress Portia Asare Boateng has, at a short ceremony, unveiled her first self-produced movie ‘Mary Magdalene’.

Speaking at the event, she mentioned that the movie seeks to educate the general public on the need to be vigilant and eschew irresponsible lifestyles.

“Mary Magdalene as a movie is intended to educate and mentor the teaming youth of today who live reckless lives all in the name of modernization and civilisation. It's a great educative piece and I hope you all enjoy it,” she said.

The actress cum producer, while expressing gratitude to persons who contributed to the piece, indicated that her production house, PAB Productions, “will produce nothing but quality movies, TV shows, events planning and marketing.”

She said: “Before the year 2019 ends, we are rolling out a TV show dubbed ‘Baby Talk’ with me, Portia Asare Boateng - a show that will generally discuss childcare. We ask for your support and sponsorship.”

She observed that Ghana’s movie sector is limping and underscored the need for urgent attention to be paid to the industry.

“In recent times, our movie industry is on its knees and we need support of all stakeholders to revive and sustain it. I humbly call on the government agencies and institutions, the corporate bodies and well-meaning individuals to contribute in all forms needed to support the Ghana movie industry.

“To my fellow industry players, I say well done for the great job done so far and let's adopt strategies to improve our craft and industry. Our stories, casting, pictures and sound quality must improve to show to the rest of the world that Ghana movie is on the rise again,” she advised.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com