Entertainment Fri, 21 Jul 1995

Poster Exhibition On Women Opens In Accra

A two -day exhibition depicting the extreme to which improvement in the status of women contribute to the country's population policy was opened by the Minister of Education, Mr. Harry Sawyerr recently.

The exibition which is opened to the public forms part of activities marking this years's World Population Day Celebration under the theme 'Decision For Development, Women, Empowerment and Reproductive Health.

The occassion coincide with the presentastion of awards to deserving students who excelled in the poster context on Women quality A - Gateway to Population organised by the Ghana Education Services (GES) in March this year.

Some of the posters exhibited read women read "women need liberation" educate women to reduce population", Free Women for their rights," Dont suppress the women , treatment of women destroying nations. Its enough, You kill a woman, you destroy a nation' and Don't overtax the strenght of the woman.

Mr Sawyerr said the improvement of the status of women through education enhanced their decision making capacity in all spheres of life, especilly in the area of sexuality and production.

He said many developing countries in Africa until recently never saw rapid populations growth as a threat to their socio-economic growth.

The minister said the sucess of the Revised National Population Policy depended on women's education since they formed an important segment of Ghanaian population.

He said the educational status of women in the country was stil low and characterised with a high drop out rate even for the few girls attending school due to teenage pregnancy.

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