Music Sat, 16 Jun 2007

Praye and ‘Tha Bomb’

The Kora award winning group, Praye, following the controversy of their split has dropped a bomb.

The title of their new album is, “Tha Bomb”. It’s difficult to tell whether the bomb is a B52, bunker bomber or an atomic bomb. Bad news for those who wanted to see the group in shreds; Praye is very much intact and firmly in shape with their acoustic guitar in hand.

“Ka Kyere Me”, is a song on the new album that starts almost like their “Shoddy” track but has a fresh twist and lyrical arrangement. A mix of Twi, Ga and English isn’t a far cry from their previous album.

The song is marked by a slight church-like string of piano works laid in the background. The message in the song is, if your lover has wronged you, let him/her know and don’t keep it a secret.

“Jacket” is a song that wears a dancehall jacket by way of its instrumentation. The humor of Praye is not lost here. The chorus says his lover got him stripped of his jacket, singlet, boxers and scarf in the open because of sheer hate.

It’s a love song that depicts how difficult some women can be no matter how deep your love is for them. The irony of love and hate in “Jacket” is intriguing.

Now this one can sell big in Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone and in other African countries where broken English is widely spoken. The track title is “Wife” and it talks about how somebody’s wife has been carried away because of money, and asks what he can do to rescue her. It is well harmonized in what sounds like an Adowa rhythm. It’s a good blend of African tones; call it Afro Pop if you want.

This is really new on the scene and very limited copies are being played on few radio stations. Showghana.com is honoured to share this exclusive with you. Massive respect to Praye. Keep flying higher.

Source: ghanamusic.com