Pressure mounts on Nana Romeo to apologise to Wendy Shay

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Fri, 19 Jun 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Panelists of GhanaWeb TV’s Bloggers’ Forum have vehemently criticized Nana Romeo’s insistence that Wendy Shay should rather apologise to him for walking off his show.

The Accra FM presenter has come under backlash following an interview he had with Wendy Shay.

The musician could not fathom why Nana Romeo repetitively asked her if she was having an amorous affair with her manager Bullet when she was on the show to promote her latest song.

“I am not dating Bullet. I don’t know why most of the time when I go for interviews, instead of focusing on issues that will bring progress in our music industry, I get these questions … Let’s focus on my artistry, pushing my brand and Ghana music to the international level”, she told Nana Romeo.

“I’m here to promote my single and I’m celebrating two years in the industry. Let’s move to the next question,” she insisted.

The host however insisted he had evidence and will not hesitate to show to her if she dared him. Wendy Shay who wished the interview would be focused on her project apologized to her fans, followers, and listeners and announced her inability to continue with the interview, stressing that the presenter was being unprofessional.

Although some critics said it is imperative for Nana Romeo to render an unqualified apology to the RuffTown Record signee, the mid-morning show host maintained in an interview that he owes nobody an apology. He insisted the musician and her record label should rather apologise to him “for being disrespectful”.

His posture, according to Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo and Nana Yaw Wiredu, panelists of Bloggers’ Forum, is repugnant; something not worth emulating.

“…to insist you have evidence, who gives a damn about evidence? Whoever she is sleeping with we don’t care,” said Arnold.

“It is an interview, it is not a cross-examination; it is not an interrogation… He did not do well at all so I think he should come and apologise to Wendy for how he behaved.”

Juxtaposing the spirited defense for Nana Romeo when he scolded KiDi for appearing on his show late with the level of criticisms that greeted his encounter with Wendy Shay, Nana Yaw Wiredu was puzzled over the presenter’s resolve to not apologise.

“We need to force the guy to apologise. His ego position that Wendy rather apologise… When your issue with KiDi was rife, people defended you and said you had been bold so why is it that the same people are saying you made a rookie error, come and apologise and you’re saying Wendy should rather apologise. What is that?” Nana Yaw told host Abrantepa.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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