Entertainment Sat, 13 Aug 2016

Producers treats Nigerian stars better than us - Mercy Asiedu

Veteran Ghanaian actress, Mercy Asiedu has expressed her dissatisfaction on how some Ghanaian producers treat their counterparts from Nigeria comparing to what she terms as an unequal treatment on the side of Ghanaian stars.

According to Mercy who revealed this to seancitygh.com on the set of Miracle Films, some of the producers value Nigerian actors more than Ghanaians to the extent of paying them higher amidst good treatment.

"There's no equality in the industry. Some producers pay higher monies to our colleagues from Nigeria than we in Ghana. A producer will bring in a Nigerian actor and pay about twice or thrice higher than they give us in Ghana. They're also given VIP treatment; they are given big hotels among other big treatments. Does that mean they are good than us?"

Asaabea, as she is affectionately called said this in an answer to why some Ghanaian stars charge higher when producers call on them for roles.

Meanwhile, she said that tag of some Ghanaian actors charging higher monies is a false allegation.

Source: seancitygh.com