Prostitutes increase fees due to fuel prices

Wed, 20 Feb 2013 Source: A R Gomda/Daily Guide

A previously unknown association of prostitutes convened a rare press conference to announce an increase in the cost of their services because of higher fuel prices.

The new prices are GH¢7 from GH¢5 for ‘short time’ and a rise to GH¢200 from GH¢150 for ‘full time’.

Their decision, they explained, was influenced by the trickle-down effect of the recent increases in the price of petroleum products in the country.

This, they said, has led to an increase in the prices of every commodity, including clothing and other items which they patronise to enhance their looks, a critical quality in the business they are engaged in.

The press conference was held around the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) station in Madina and had in attendance some executives of the association and ordinary members numbering about 200.

The prostitutes, whose ages ranged between 16 and 48, took exception to the low fees being charged by some of their colleagues, whom they said are in the lower echelons of the practice. Such persons, they explained, charge nominal fees and therefore present those in the higher echelon as expensive and also parrying business from them to their side.

They stated that members who do not charge reasonable fees will be sanctioned.

According to them, times are hard and they have had to work extra hard to meet the rising cost of items on the market, with some of them now working day and night.

Prostitution is largely done at night, but as the conveners announced, the practice would now be a 24-hour service to meet the rising cost of living.

According to an Oman FM reporter, who covered the press conference, the leadership of the sex workers broke fresh eggs and opened a bottle of schnapps as a way of binding members to the price increases.

Members were made to lick the broken fresh eggs to indicate their adherence to the new prices.

For a night’s service, the fee has been hiked from GH¢150 to GH¢200, the timing of which is anything between 8:00pm and 5:00am the next morning.

Some sex workers expressed reservations that those of them who are not too presentable might be unable to attract clients with the new arrangement, adding that they could be the losers under the circumstances.

In a country where sex work is illegal, it is unfathomable how they mustered courage to invite the media for a press conference to announce the price hike.

It is also unknown whether the price hike would be binding on sex workers practising outside the Madina area.

Source: A R Gomda/Daily Guide