RE: McAbraham, John Mensah Sarpong argue over GHAMRO cash

Sun, 6 Dec 2015 Source: John Mensah Sarpong

The publication in the headline of McAbraham, John Mensah Sarpong argue over Ghamro cash is completely false and has no merit. The content of the story is full of factual errors which are meant to damage my hard earned reputation in the music industry.

The story which suggests that I have tried appropriating royalties which belongs to McAbraham is completely untrue. The story also suggests that I said I composed /wrote the said song is also untrue. I have not said it in anywhere not even in my dream that I composed the said song and it has resulted a heated argument between me and him.

It was a shocking to me when I heard that it was Abraham Adjetey (Ghamro Administrator) who gave out the story for the publication. I confronted him for the validity of the story but he flatly denied and even went on accusing the press of creating disunity and confusion in the music industry.

But my investigation reveals that the same Abraham Adjetey is the brain behind every letter in the publication which I am yet to find out the truth. And if it is found out that indeed it was the Ghamro administrator Abraham Adjetey who is really behind everything then I can say with certainty that Abraham Adjetey is a liar, a coward and a dangerous person in the music industry to work with.

He is coward because of the fact that he totally denied the responsibility of this publication when I confronted him in front of Ace sound Engineer Mr. Zapp Mallet who is also Ghamro Board member. I expected him to have looked into my face and told me that it is true you argue with McAbraham over his royalty because you are claiming you composed the songs.

Again if it is found out that Abraham Adjetey was lying to me and rather he was responsible for every single word in the publication then I will describe him as a dangerous person in this dispensation in the music industry who should not be trusted at all because he can destroy his fellow colleague for a favour and get a position, no wonder his position as Ghamro Administrator.

If my assertion or my revelation is true then I will advised him to stop this behaviour because this is inferior communist tactics which may land him into trouble in future if this is not discontinued.


Now this is the side of my story, I have not said anywhere in the world that the said song is my own composition. What I said and still stands by it is that I am the OWNER of about seventy (70) songs which include the one that McAbraham wrote for me.

I commissioned the authors including McAbraham and I paid them out right which makes me the right owner of the songs according Copyright Act, 2005 (ACT 690) session 5, 6 and 7

Economic rights of authors

5. The author of any protected copyright work has the exclusive economic right in respect of the work to do or authorize the doing of any of the following:

a) The reproduction of the work in any manner or form

b) The translation, adaptation, arrangement or any other transformation of the work to the public

c) The public performance, broadcasting and communication of the work to the public

d) The distribution to the public of originals or copies of the work by way of first sales or other first transfer of ownership and

e) The commercial rental to the public of originals or copies of the work.

Moral rights of authors

6.(i) In addition to the economic rights referred in section 5, the author of protected right work has the sole moral right

a) To claim authorship of the work and in particular to demand that the name or pseudonym of the author be mentioned when any of the acts referred to in section 5 are done in relation to the work, and to

b) To object to and seek relief in connection with any distortion, mutilation or other modification of the work where that act would be or is prejudicial to the reputation of the author or where the work is discredited.

Employed authors

7. In the absence of any contract to the contrary, the economic right of a work shall vest in an employer or a person who commissions the work where the employed or commissioned author has created the work in the course of the employment or commission.

Now in this instance looking at this section it is not out of place for me to enjoy every economic benefits which those songs would accrue. This explains why I said I am the rightful OWNER of those songs. It does not mean that I personally wrote them, you can owe a building without necessarily being a maison. Since court is the final arbitor to determine case like this, I am sure it would be pushed or end there for better and further interpretation of the law.

The second reason that makes me describe Ghamro Administrator Abraham Adjetey as a dangerous person if it is found out that he is the main orchestrator of that malicious publication is that we never had any heated argument over any royalties which belongs to McAbraham. Abraham Adjetey arranged a meeting with us in Kumasi. It was a fruitful and a friendly meeting and everybody went home happily. Sarpong McAbraham has never come near any economic benefit ever since he created that song for me in the year 2000 because he knows that I have paid him already.

In this case how can he argue with me over any loyalties, So for somebody to write this kind of publication against me is very unfortunate and I know it is meant to dent my hard earned image.

Now, I and my solicitors are given whoever is behind this publication few days to retract it which contains so much factual errors, failure so to do will resort a legal action.



John Mensah Sarpong

Source: John Mensah Sarpong

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