Entertainment Mon, 31 Jan 2011


Barely a month ago they were officially revealed, a month down the lane and they are already making waves with their debut single "I'm in Love" (Download "I'm in Love" by Reckless Dolls - http://www.4shared.com/audio/AgsUI5tr/RECKLESS_DOLLS_Am_InLOVE_Prod_.html) .

The Reckless Dolls is officially the first ever girl band here in Ghana and their mission statement has been clearly made in their first single. Under the management of Jon Germain Music, the three girls are definitely in to stay. The single was produced by ace beat maker Kaywa and tells the passionate story of a woman's love for her man.

The song combines a rare element of hip hop with Afropop, entrenching rap and singing, with a colorful hook to perfect the song. The song, a strong contender for a banging club song, the Reckless Dolls seems ready for the task ahead and are in the right spirit to enter the industry with undistorted passion and energy.


We are yet to see them get on stage and show us what they've got but so far so good. Good Image, great debut single and a lot of right attitude. Ghana is on the map again with it's girl band. Just tell a friend to tell a friend, that Reckless Dolls is in the building.

Source: quami junior