Movies Mon, 23 May 2011

Raunchy actress denies having sex with journalists

“I’m not using sex to buy any journalist and I am not dating anyone. I am even single” says Baby Blanche, the Ghanaian actress whose pubic hair was reportedly grazed down with a shaving stick by movie producer Socrates Sarfo.

Blanche’s comments was a response to public claims by Socrates that she was in a love relationship with a journalist working with News-One and that she serves as a mole on him for the paper.

Socrates, apparently deluded by his strange beliefs, has gone ahead to abrogate an acting contract with Blanche and accused her of stealing his GH¢1,500 (15 million old Ghana cedis). Socrates willfully gave the money to Blanche as part payment for a role he had contracted her to act in his new movie, ‘Sons Of Satan’.

He has however collected the script from Blanche and asked her to return the money because according to him, she sends stories about him to News-One and uses sex to pay a journalist with the paper to tarnish his reputation.

Blanche has denied the allegation and sworn never to return the money because according to her, she has a contract with Socrates and since he was the one not willing to respect his part of the contract, she should not be the loser.

Meanwhile, Socrates has fallen short of mentioning which particular journalist Baby Blanche is dating at NEWS-ONE and when the paper called him, his only response was “Kiss my black ass”, after which he cut the call and put off his phone. Speaking on Asempa FM in Accra last Saturday, Socrates repeated the allegation without mentioning any names.

“Nana Heema, (addressing the host of the program) I don’t understand; anything that happens at Movie Africa Production, News-One is the first to get to know about it. I suspect she is seeing somebody at News-One. I suspect so. I just want her to stay off this production. I want my peace of mind for now,” he said.

But Baby denied it, saying she is not the alleged News-One source or mole at Socrates’s office. “Nana Heema when you called me, you remember I asked you who this is. I don’t have your number. I don’t have any presenter’s or journalist’s number. When we all meet at premieres and we chat, it ends there. I am not dating anybody at News-One.”

Meanwhile she said if she has done anything to Socrates, he should forgive her. It is not clear if Socrates will forgive her and feature her in the upcoming movie.

News-One sources at Movie Africa Production say Socrates has sworn to jeopardize the acting career of Baby Blanche, and that he is pulling strings with some other producers to get her banned from acting for a year.

Our sources alleged further that Socrates started to dislike Blanche after she turned down a love proposal from him but his hatred for her heightened after she confirmed that the ‘What Sex Can Do’ movie actually had scenes in which she was actually shaved.

Though Socrates had already produced the movie, she threatened to go to court if he went ahead to release it without editing the scenes of her being shaved.

He eventually released two recordings of the same movie, one being an edited version and the other having an uncensored and un-edited shaving scene.

Source: News-One