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'Rebranded' Diana Asamoah says she was too spiritual back then

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Wed, 23 Nov 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Diana Asamoah has once again reiterated that she loves her new self, especially her ability to slay for Christ by dressing stylishly anything she makes a public appearance.

The celebrated Ghanaian singer who has eight albums to her credit has recalled how she used to be 'too spiritual' causing her to judge and condemn those who are fashionable.

Evangelist Diana Asamoah in an interview on GhanaWeb TV admitted to condemning and pointing accusing fingers at women with a high fashion sense. According to the musician, she used to tag wigs made for women as an 'unclean' products from marine spirit, locally known as 'maame water'.

"In my days when I was 'too spiritual', I just couldn't get closer to people. It hindered me from getting close to people or even laughing with them. For instance, I could have frowned throughout the interview and judged you because of the wig you're wearing and even called it maame water," Diana Asamoah told Paula Amma Broni, host of Talkertainment on GhanaWeb TV.

Now more than ever, Diana, who rebranded just a few years ago, is living her best life while winning souls for Christ. It is her wish to draw more youth to God by appealing to them through her music and style.

It is good to note that Diana Asamoah is unbothered about the negative comments that have been directed to her as a result of her decision to slay for Christ by wearing well-tailored dresses, heels, hair extensions, makeup and also employing the service of a stylist.

"I don't bother myself to read comments about me on the internet and when I hear it, I don't take it to heart. As a Christian, you ought to study the Bible if you wish to progress in life. You have to ignore them...any Christian who wishes to enter heaven must ignore bad comments, close your ears and just ignore them. Just focus on your progress as stated by Apostle Paul in the Bible," the 'Akoko Abon' hitmaker admonished.

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