Music Thu, 29 Apr 2010

Reggie Rockstone Applauds Amakye Dede

The critically acclaimed initiator of hiplife, Reggie Rockstone has recently showered praise on Amakye Dede and other musicians in the county who have being using the live band to perform.

His comments were out leashed at a recent interview with Metro TV Prime News. Answering the question what happened to live band music, the rap legend had a varying position but was strong to point out his sentiments. “It is not easy to maintain a live band, it is very expensive.

The young brother who is coming up as an artiste can barely pay for studio sessions now you want to incur extra cost on him. I don’t endorse the miming thing but you have to give these young men the benefit of the doubt. That is why I salute Amakye Dede and the other people who still use the live band” he added.


The rap star was talking about his new double album “Reggiestration” which was launched at the just ended 11th Ghana Music Awards. The album is a combination of remixes of old hiplife classics and new classics. The album features the likes of 2face, Wyclef, D Black, Trigmatic to mention a few. The Glo Ambassador is also known now not only as a conspicuous musical icon but an investor and a business mind.

He currently runs his PLUB (coined from the two words Club and Pub), Rockstone’s office which is fast gaining grounds as one of the most respected hangouts in the country.

In a related development, information reaching us here at Africanpromo.com suggests that National Geographic is on their way to Ghana to do a feature on the Grandpapa. The musical giant has already been featured on Al Jazeera for close to twenty minutes and sees this as another feather in the cap of Ghanaian music.

Source: Quame Junior /AfricanPromo.Com