Rejuvenated Kumi Guitar ready with new single

Album Cover Kumi Kumi Guitar

Sat, 18 Mar 2017 Source: entertainmentgh.com

It can be frustrating for any artist who is adept but lacks the tools and resources to project or promote that talent – www.entertainmentgh.com knows!

After years of industry ups and downs, tasting some fame and going back to encounter challenges, Kumi Guitar seems to have found solace and peace of mind – thanks to Zylofon Music Label.

As he sat on the podium answering questions and offering explanations to the making of his new single, Brown Sugar, there was a reflection of joy, satisfaction and contentment, all etched on the face of the artist.

Under Zylofon Music, Kumi Guitar is back with a banging new single, which is a danceable mid-tempo highlife tune that has all it takes to become one of the biggest songs in the year.

Brown Sugar features rapper, Obinini, and was produced by the fast-rising music producer, Kin Dee, who is well-noted for producing chart-topping songs for other A-list artists.

The single is one of the many songs that would be released off the new album under the new label.

Zylofon Music is a division of Zylofon Media Ltd, which is a multi-purposed Creative Firm that deals in Music Management, Mass Media Production, Talent Grooming, Marketing & Promotion. (Pix: Holison Concept)


Source: entertainmentgh.com