Music Thu, 14 Feb 2013

Released: Lighter's hot video for 'Don't Go'

Lighter has released another smash hit video of his yet to be released single Don't Go. The song which is making industry waves across the Atlantic even before the audio single is released having been reviewed on recognized music platforms.

Like always, when artists release a new single, they will also release a new video, but Lighter chose the opposite, he has released the exquisitely shot video before the track and he did it on Valentines Day- a day for love and romance.

The Don't Go video dramatizes a love relationship of a couple but draws in some of the problems that relationships suffer and consciously sets you thinking about a lot. Yes, the young rapper is advising on how to stay in love on a Val’s day.

Starring in the video is famous supermodel Elizabeth Zayas, girlfriend of American pop star and dancer Joe Jonas.

The video is primed to receive a lot of reviews and certainly in the list of award videos.

Sit back and enjoy Lighter- Don't Go

Source: Kojo Smith