Entertainment Tue, 1 Dec 2015

'Resist fear, use your voice to change Ghana'

After being listed by Richtopia.com based on its automated algorithm as the 113th most influential woman in the world, actress Yvonne Nelson has beseeched her colleagues to impact society positively with their status.

Rising to national prominence through her infamous Dumsormuststop campaign which she fronted on social media, the actress believes she earned the recognition from Richtopia.com because she is doing her bit by serving as the mouthpiece for Ghanaians.

“For me, as celebrities especially in Ghana, we should use our voices to make a change, I mean there are so many things that are wrong in this country but everybody sits quietly in their home, I don't know if it's fear, I don't know what it is. They want us to go to school, have an education, sit at home and not say anything when we see there's something wrong going on? Let's use our voices to help our community, let's be the voice of the people who don't have the voice.”

Her call on the president to end the power crisis in the country earned her enemies who criticized her for he stance but the actress speaking on Hitz FM's Showbiz This Week with MzGee, regretted that some Ghanaians are blinded by party affiliations.

“I don't get it …people call me all sorts of names, like really how is that possible, I speak the truth and I believe that all the stuff I have spoken about are stuff that Ghanaian are facing so I don't get it that you are suffering in your house and someone is talking about this same suffering and you open your mouth and insult the person. How or what does that make you, I don’t understand, like do you have a brain in your head?” she asked.

“Are you not Ghanaian? Aren’t you suffering? We are so concerned about parties that we forget about Ghana. Let forget about the party A or B, it doesn't even come in, you are Ghanaian, talk about Ghana and stop being partisan because for me, I am not interested in any party. It really breaks my heart when I hear people say all these things.”

The actress discredited claims that she lets her emotions take the better part of her in tackling issues of her interest. She stressed she may come across as emotional because she gets deeply worried about the state of affairs in the country.

“I think every human being is emotional and there are things that will bring the emotions out of you...When I see something go wrong, it bothers me.”

Yvonne perhaps feels the media takes an interest in feeding on bad news, urging that journalists and bloggers pay attention to the positive works of celebrities in the country.

Source: Hitz FM