Salma Mumin falls on the dagger of social media users for ‘incoherent’ missing MoMo story

Salma Mumin Red Actress Salma Mumin

Mon, 8 Feb 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Salma Mumin’s decision to give what she termed “vivid account” of what instigated her outburst against telecommunication giant MTN in October last year did her more harm than good as it exposed her to the sharp tongue of some social media users who faulted the attempt and described the submission as incoherent.

The actress had rendered an unqualified apology to MTN after the organization threatened to take legal actions against her for going berserk on social media and alleging without proof that over GH¢10,000 was “taken” from her MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) account without her knowledge.

“It was clearly mistaken. I hereby retract the said post and apologise undeservedly to MTN Ghana for any inconvenience caused by my earlier post,” said the embattled actress who had been given a 24-hour ultimatum to apologise or face legal actions.

Although the issue had been put to rest, Salma Mumin on UTV’s United Showbiz, Saturday, offered an explanation to her accusation “because people still haven’t forgotten about it.”

She insisted her money was indeed missing from her account because she tried sending money to DHL but the transaction failed severally over claims that she had insufficient funds despite having over ten thousand Ghana cedis in that account. She mentioned that she was sure of her balance because that account was for her clothing line and although customers had been paying for items to that account for a while, it was the first time she was sending money from that account to an entity.

“MTN has a code for sending money. There is the merchant code and the regular one. I have never made mistake with the codes because it’s something I use daily. I use the regular every day but it was actually my first time using the merchant… I woke up this morning and I had to pay DHL’s monthly bill for services they rendered. The transaction kept on failing, I was told the amount in my wallet was insufficient. I tried on four occasions. I was shocked. I asked myself if I was not using the right code. I went on the internet to crosscheck the code and it gave me the same code,” she claimed, adding that all efforts to get MTN to rectify the challenge proved futile hence her outburst.

Salma further claimed that after she vented on social media, she received a call from MTN. According to her, the said employee told her “they were looking through their system and could see my money and that it wasn’t ten thousand but seven thousand, five hundred and something… They sent me their data, I checked and thanked them. And immediately without them asking, I went on social media to say my problem has been resolved by MTN.”

The actress also claimed MTN wanted her to apologise again because the organization said her outburst had injured its brand but she wouldn’t do so until she was paid for that service “because that will be advertisement”. Her inability to get her manager to negotiate the terms of payment, she claimed, made MTN release the rejoinder which compelled her to apologise because of some inaccuracies in her outburst.

“I consulted my lawyer and he said the fact that I mentioned ten thousand and it turned out to be seven thousand, I erred so I should just say sorry and move on and that’s exactly what I did,” she claimed but again offered an apology.

Her over fifteen minutes explanation was however deflated by some viewers. Here are a few reactions.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com