Entertainment Sun, 15 May 2011

Samini Marries Third Time

African Dancehall king and MTN icon Emmanuel Andrew Samini went through his third marriage ceremony in three year last Tuesday May 10, 2011 at the Registrar General’s Department in Accra in a very brief and private signing ceremony with only a few family members present.

When the news broke out on Tuesday evening that the “sweet Mistake” singer has registered a woman, many people wondered if he is married to a third woman. “What happened to his earlier two marriages”? “Has he already divorced his two wives to marry a new woman?” were two of the many questions that was asked.

This reporter missed the marriage registration ceremony but when later, Peacefmonline.com Entertainment reporter, Eugene Osafo-Nkansah, who was the only media person to break protocol, entered into the conference hall at Golden Tulip in Accra on Tuesday evening at about 8p.m., Samini was spotted in a sea blue African wear with a lady sitting by him.

On both sides sat the couple’s parents at a secret engagement dinner. The well endowed woman in a cream straight dress happily sitting beside Samini, was revealed as Christiana Aboagye who is Samini’s first wife and mother of his two daughters. His first born Toyila Samini (now seven (7) years) and little baby girl Ayana Samini who will be one year Old in September.

“I am very surprised that my little marriage ceremony has attracted so much attention, Samini told this reporter in an exclusive interview yesterday morning. This marriage is not new I have been married for over three years now. We just decided to register our marriage and also celebrate the occasion with our kids. All I can say is that it is not true I am taking a third wife. I don’t know anything about what people are talking about”, Samini said.

He expressed regret that when it comes to his private life, people say all sort of things “So I just leave them to write what they want to write and I also sit quietly to mind my own business. If you can remember I said on the Ghana Music Awards stage that for the first time all my three daughters are with me in Ghana. So people have to know that their mother is obviously in Ghana as well. So I don’t see how I will marry someone else. I don’t understand!

“The woman I am married to today is the mother of two of my three daughters. She is already my wife so I don’t know where this news is coming from and I don’t know the big deal about this. Because this is my wife they are talking about. A woman I practically live with when I go to Canada and she lives with me when she is in Ghana so this old news”.

The 2006 MOBO Awards winner said his wife Christiana Aboagye known among her friends as Sister, who live in Canada have been in Ghana about six months now on holidays with their two daughters and it was only right to use the opportunity to formerly register and celebrate three years of their marriage.

“They have been here for over six months and they have a few weeks to go back to Canada I wanted to put everything in place for them to be happy before they leave”. It may be recalled that Graphic showbiz broke the news in No. 612 edition of the paper with the headline “Samini Takes 2 Wives” which stated that he had gotten married to two different women within a year.

He married his first and current wife Ms. Aboagye at Gbawe in Accra in low-key engagement ceremony at the time she was away in Canada with their daughter, Toyila Samini in 2009 and barely a year later Samini performed customary marriage rites in London to seal his relationship with Ms. Mercy Geker, mother of his second daughter Yelisun Samini who is now about a year and half old.

Though Samini kept his mouth shut about the second woman and insisted that he is now officially married to only one woman our investigations reveals that the family of Ms. Geker have decided to dissolve the marriage.

A source from Samini’s camp disclosed that Samini engaged two women with a very positive notion to take full responsibility of both ladies because he had already gotten involved with both of them and he wanted to bring all of them together as one family and be a responsible father and husband to both but it appears Ms. Geker and her family thought otherwise. So he decided to settle with his first wife who has been with him from his secondary school days.

Ms. Mercy Geker who was also in Ghana for holidays with their daughter Yelisun Samini is gone back London with the baby girl whiles Christy is still in Ghana with their two daughters.

To his fans and lovers of Samini music who get worried when they hear such news about their star, Samini said “All I will tell my fans and the whole world is that, my private life is different from the music I do and I am human like any normal person so sometimes if such news come about me they shouldn’t see it as if I am any different from them. They should deal with it like it was any other human being. I thank all my fans and anybody who has supported me throughout all these controversies. I thank everyone they should keep supporting me”.

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/Peacefmonline.com