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Senam Aseye writes: When being a mistress is a personal decision not a financial one

Moesha Economy Moesha Boduong told CNN's Christiane Amanpour that Ghanaian women sleep with men due to hardship

Mon, 16 Apr 2018 Source: Senam Aseye

Delay Chapter 24:05 – “Wouldn’t you want to show your brains? Or is it that you don’t have brains?”

This is not a post about judgment and morality so before people who cannot read simple English come here to insult me, know that today I have put on the whole armor of God ready to respond to you with brimstone and fire. My issue is not that of morality but the generalization of every young successful woman.

I remember I had a good laugh when I watched Moesha’s interview with Delay. During the interview Delay asked her a question, “Wouldn’t you want to show your brains? Or is it that you don’t have brains?” and we finally have an answer.

After the interview, I respected her for her decisions, never judged her, and to be frank, admired her extreme honesty and I love her for it.

I have always said, when God was sharing the grace and courage to sleep with married men he didn’t give me “some”, or maybe life hasn’t brought me there yet though I have the struggles I can use as an excuse to follow the current trends.

Moesha, the show Sex, and Love by Christiane Amanpour was an opportunity to speak your truth, tell your story, your story not the story of every young Ghanaian woman. You decided to go that route because of the kind of life you want to live; life in the fast lane, the luxurious life but don’t include every young woman out there.

I don’t dispute the fact that there are a lot of young men and women in your line of business. By all means, keep whoring but making it seem young women in this country don’t have a choice and can’t make it financially without whoring was very stupid.

You have disrespected all the women who have honestly worked for what they have including me. How can you say one can’t be financially independent as a woman in Ghana without depending on men when there are others working hard and breaking their backs to be successful?That’s what makes me angry!

I am not in the least worried about you whoring, I mean providing escort services and admitting it (which is illegal by the way) but saying young women in this country don’t have a damn choice is total nonsense!

God damn it, it’s your f**king pu**y but don’t generalize and put all women in Ghana in that category. I don’t know why I expected you to answer more intelligently.

When people say what she said was the truth and was honest, I ask what truth? What honesty? That women including your mothers and sisters do same as her to survive? Yes, she was honest about her life but made a wrong representation of us which I expect people to criticize.

To even brand yourself as the Kim Kardashian of Ghana is an insult to Kim. Go and listen to Kim talk at Tech Conferences and Business Forums, you don’t even have the head to answer simple questions. You should hear Kim talk about her sex tape and her lifestyle choices.

She has never said anywhere American women need a sex tape to be successful or all American women do that to be financially independent. She talks about it as a personal failure and success, her decision! You could have spoken about your truth and that of your circle not the truth of all young Ghanaian women.

This is what I don’t get about Ghanaian girls, you demand for cars, rent, 1st class tickets, vacations, Brazilian weaves and all kinds of nonsense to show off on Instagram while your Nigerian counterparts are demanding for Ivy-League tuition, lands to start real estate companies, their own makeup, hair, food brands and oil deals, I mean big businesses.

Whoring for a wine shop when people are getting their own brands of wine or a car like Toyota, Maserati or Benz that will depreciate in value is beyond me. Even Bobrisky and Dencia have their own line of bleaching creams.

I am not angry because you whoring but including me and the several women I know are successful and financially sound working their way up.

The day I decide to go that route, I know no matter what I had a choice but made a personal decision NOT a financial decision to do what I do and it will be my personal failure and won’t think all others are like me.

Source: Senam Aseye
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