Sexiness is what my brand stands for - Moesha Bodoung

Moesha Budoung  Eyrfgea.png Ghanaian socialite, Moesha Bodoung

Tue, 27 Dec 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Ghanaian socialite cum actress, Moesha Boboung, has disclosed that her new brand after returning on social media is ‘sexiness’.

In a post she shared on her Snapchat account, the born-again Christian shared a series of posts where she noted that she will keep loving God and still be a sexy dancer.

“Sexiness is what my brand stands for and as a Christian, I would keep loving God and still be the most controversial socialite, actress, and sexy erotic dancer and host the biggest events in the world and bring something new, no one has ever seen before,” she said.

This comes after Moesha vowed to never dance sensually in front of people, and gave an audience a performance at a Bikers festival, nearly tripping.

The actress at the event donned a two-piece body suit when she ran into a man and swiftly regained her balance before falling to the ground flat.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, December 15, 2022, she addressed how she was captured in a negative light following her recent scandal where she danced seductively.

Soon after, she recorded a video saying, “I want to send a powerful message to the youth and the bloggers of our dear country Ghana. I see so many disgusting titles and headlines for so many celebrities over the years.

“I have never had the opportunity to speak up. For the first time, I want to encourage you guys to change your ways and use meaningful captions for us. You guys tear us down so much that it affects our brand.”


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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