Music Tue, 24 May 2016

Shatta Wale is the reason for my come back - Shegee Styla

The Ghanaian music industry is such that it takes lot of effort and motivation to make a comeback if an artiste fades out.

Even when they do, gaining acceptance and success is something to battle for. However, luck shines on the path of some of them and they achieve great successes and acceptance after their comeback and re-branding.

Self acclaimed Ghana Dancehall Godmother, Mildred Mark- Hansen aka Shegee Styla who is back to the music scene after a long break says Shatta Wale is the reason for her comeback.

“I will mention Shatta Wale as one of the major reasons why I decided to make a comeback. I mean he is back after 10 years and he is doing wonderfully well so why can’t I do same.

“This is someone I started with in the same era so if he can do this why can’t I? This is some of the questions I ask myself and it motivates me to put in more work,” she said during a documentary about her role as Greater Accra MUSIGA secretary.

Shegee Styla released her debut solo album, My Time, after the split from Triple M.

She has worked with musicians such as Tony Tetuila, Tic Tac and King Ayisoba.

Source: livefmghana.com