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Shatta Wale’s spiritual father condemns doomsday prophets

Wale Naatia Chief Naatia claims superstituous nature of Ghanaians make them ascribe evil force to everything

Thu, 15 Feb 2018 Source: Prosper Agbemyaga

The daily procession of Pastors and Men of God trooping to radio stations to claim credit for predicting the deaths of Ghanaian celebrities and politicians first; is becoming too embarrassing for some top spiritual personalities in the country.

It could be recalled that soon after the death of the young Ghanaian music artiste Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng popularly called Ebony Reigns in a gory motor accident, some pastors were heard claiming to have prophesied about her death.

As to which of the pastors gave the prophecy became a battle among these so-called pastors.

Meanwhile, in the heat of that controversy, a Kumasi-based Prophet E. K. Mensah of the Christ Vision Prayer Ministry has also revealed to his follows that Shatta Wale, Ghana’s Dancehall King, has been marked to ‘die’ within the year.

However, a Tamale-based spiritualist and leader of the Kejebi Shrine in the Northern Region, who is also the Spiritual father to Shatta Wale, Chief Naatia Salifu has condemned Prophet E. K. Mensah and other like-minded pastors and prophets for such pronouncements, saying it is high time such pastors who claimed to be men of God desist from such shameful act.

According to him, as a prophet and a man of God whom they all claim to be, they have the responsibility to intervene on behalf of God’s creation whenever there is any revelation.

Chief Naatia said Ghanaians are too superstitious for their own good, taking a swipe at the elite in society who always follow these pastors and believe that everything that happens is ascribed to some unseen evil force or to God.

He said: “Our superstition has long run into abject insouciance, paralyzing us from technically analyzing situations and taking informed corrective measures. Look, Ebony Reigns did not die because of any prophecy, curse or divine will and Shatta Wale will not die because of that.”

He stressed that he is Shatta Wale’s godfather and can see more than all the ‘fake’ pastors in the country and that “I don’t see Shatta Wale’s death. I always tell him what’s next ahead of him and show him how to prevent it.”

Chief Naatia Salifu said those pastors are just finding avenues to “chop” from Shatta Wale and advised Shatta Wale to be strong in his faith and ignore those fake prophecies.

He also pointed out that people must come to understand that Ebony, died because of an act of gross negligence caused by somebody who left a heap of sand on the road, blocking traffic, leading to the fatal accident.

He, however, advised government to resource the police stations with tow trucks for purposes of removing broken down vehicles on the roads to avoid fatalities.

He also said vehicles off-loading on the streets also cause of some accidents and indicated that “If the vehicle needs to be off-loaded, young men and women should be hired from the town where the police station is situated to do the off-loading. The vehicle should be towed to the nearest police station for storage and the owner billed for the cost of towing, off-loading and storage; to be paid before the vehicle is returned. Vehicles that stay for too long at the police station and are not retrieved should be auctioned off and the money used to pay for the off-loading, towing and storage.”

Chief Naatia said the death of celebrities including Ebony at such a young age, added to all the hundreds of deaths on our roads and should wake us up as people to action.

“Let us leave the “prophesy,” “evil spirits,” “witchcraft” and the “I leave it to God” syndrome and take concrete steps to ameliorate our situation and enhance safety on our roads,” he said.

Source: Prosper Agbemyaga
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