Shut up Okraku Mantey - Mzbel fires

Mark Okraku Mantey Mark Okraku Mantey

Thu, 12 Nov 2015 Source: livefmghana.com

Those who have issues with the sultry image diva, Mzbel has out there got something else coming from the diva.

The singer who has resulted in taking anyone who speak ill of her to the cleaners has added renowned music producer Mark Okraku Mantey to the dissing galore.

The singer who is not happy about some comments from the producer decided to take to Instagram to show the producer how dirty she can be when it comes to insults.

In her post, she made it clear that she has lost the respect she had for Mark and hence challenging him to compare her achievement to the ladies Mark produced or brought onto the music scene.

In the end, she told Mark to shut the f*** if he has nothing sensible to say.

See her message below:

Someone please tell Okraku Mantey to STFU! If no one ever heard me complain abt how my image and name was being tarnished till now it's because then, there was no platform to do so not because I was enjoying it WTF! Where is the 4kin AMAZING songstress Okraku Mantey launched into the industry years back? Why is he not comparing me to her? Is she deceased? Honestly I totally lost all the respect I have for u Okraku and am calling u Kwasia! That is not a pleasant insult but I hope u enjoy it and Keep mute cos it's going to bring u a lot of publicity as u claim! #Mzbel #MzbelMusic

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Source: livefmghana.com