Music Sun, 1 Apr 2007

Sidiku Buari In Trouble...Musicians Demand And Threaten To Push Him Out Of Office

Alhaji Sidiku BuariSince 1980, when the Musicians Union of Ghana began functioning actively, the first president Dr. E.T Mensah handed over after two terms (eight years) to Agya Koo Nimo in 1987. There after the baton was handed to Kofi Ghanaba in 1990 who lasted for barely a term and gave power to Joe Mensah in 1992.

After serving the agreed maximum of eight years Joe Mensah a very peaceful transition saw Alhaji Sidiku Buari take over the presidency of MUSIGA in 1999 till date.

Though his election was surrounded by several issues and questions his colleagues the musicians still gave him a chance to see what he can do for the industry.

After his first term, a re-election which most of the union members had no idea how it came about took him back to office. Late last year some musicians alerted that the Alhaji?s term of office is due to end for hand over in March this year which our investigations confirmed.

As the year took off most people including the musicians themselves forgot about this perhaps for jubilee celebrations. Well fortunately the fiftieth anniversary which has become a comfortable pillow for lazy people to lie on is over, March is almost gone and there is still no news of any MUSIGA election.

In a short chart Diana Akiwumi vice president of MUSIGA she agreed that Alhaji?s term is over but was also very to say that the congress which was scheduled for March has been postponed to as far as next year. For the reasons madam Akiwumi said preparation for the congress was inadequate and secondly because of the Ghana @50 celebrations.

Speaking to a couple of musicians who are also members of the union, on condition of anonymity for the fear of their lifes, they made it clear that, there has been any meeting to discuss the issue for other members to state if whether not they agree with postponement and the reasons given. According to them this is how autocratic the current president has been running the union since he assumed office.

The musicians who spoke with so much fear in them added that they have been silent over this all this while because Alhaji frowns to anybody who does not agree with his decisions.

That not withstanding they hinted that they are going to demonstrate on the streets of Accra and other regions if Alhaji refuses to step down.

Carlos Sekyi a hardened music administrator also confirmed that yes Alhaji?s time is up but do not understand why an election for new president should be shifted to next year when this year is not even half way through.

According to Carlos if it?s in union?s constitution to have an election at a particular time no individual should be able to it until there is an amendment. As to whom Carlos thinks deserves to be the next president, he said even though it?s very important to give the position to a capable person, he does not really mind who the next president will be but all he cares about is to put the right structures in place.

?The music industry is almost close to nothing. There are no mechanisms, no policies to monitor and control what goes on in the industry like copyright collection and payment, piracy, payola and other very pressing problems.

I believe this is the time for every musician to stand up and fight for their right because the industry does not belong to one person it belongs to all of us?. Carlos Sekyi could not hide his plights. For Carlos, things must change before the end of this year and he is edging all Ghanaian musicians to come together and forge ahead.

After speaking to some industry gurus and a section of the general public, for likely candidates for the MUSIGA presidency names like Mac Tontoh of Osibisa fame, Nana Kwame Ampadu, Gedublay Ambulay, Amandzeba, Kojo Akwai, Rex Omar, Carlos Sekyi, John Mensah Sarpong, Charles Amoah and C.K. Man. Some also think young and energetic minds like Kojo Antwi, Reggie Rockstone or Nana King can change the face of the music scene for good. Asaabea Kroper is the only female whose name came up.


Source: ghanamusic.com