Fashion Thu, 22 Jan 2015

Smart accessory ideas for your plain dress

Plain dresses could be either a single colour dress or a simple looking outfit without any design. Plain dresses are very simple and need a touch of accessory like belts, mufflers, jewellery or perfect shoes to make it stand out.

A sizeable number of women prefer plain dress but find it very difficult as to how to step out looking sharp in a simple plain dress. Besides, plain dresses are very versatile and can blend with any accessory when worn rightly.

One can look chic and fabulous in a simple dress by accessorizing it with a simple metallic design to bring out the beauty of the dress.

Large earrings will give a perfect look if the wearer is not in the mood of putting on necklace. Even a simple, large circular earring can bring about a great change in your appearance.

Again, a touch of blazer can make one stand out in a crowd in a simple plain dress but most importantly, the colour of the blazer selected must blend with the dress.

The right kind of footwear can serve as excellent plain dress accessory. Remember to always wear good footwear. In fact, worn out footwear can ruin the looks of the best of clothes.

Colourful bangles will attract a good deal of attention. These accessories for plain dresses can be paired up with the simplest of clothes. And these need not be with only English wears; they go excellently with other western outfits too.

In addition, if you are wearing a solid coloured dress, go for a printed scarf or stole that matches the tone of the dress. If the dress is printed but rather simple and plain, wear a printed stole. Avoid colours that gel into one another. In that case, there will be no point wearing those accessories for plain dresses.

Source: Linda Abrefi Wadie | GhanaWeb