Fashion Mon, 21 Oct 2013

Stocking your WARDROBE without fuzz

You don’t need a fortune to look good. Today’s fashion, which is actually recycled, is not as expensive you might think.

What you need to do is make good use of the contents of your wardrobe. But to do this, you ought to have the right dresses or attire.

There are a few basic dresses that fashionable men and women ought to have. They include:

Black trousers: They can be used as formal and casual wear. Put on a camisole and blazer and you are ready for the office. Combine a fancy blouse with a pair of black trousers and you are ready to party with your friends. The trousers need not be plain. But, it is advisable to get a good pair that fits.

Blazer: You can do a lot of things with a fitted blazer. You can wear it on a pair of Jean trousers or skirt. By constantly changing what you pair with the blazer, you might re-create your style. Black blazers are preferable.


LBD: Well made dresses are essential for every woman because they accentuate your feminine charms. If you cannot afford an array of dresses, do not despair; the little black dress is always handy. Just like black trousers, this type of dress is suitable for every occasion. It can be worn to the office or night club. In choosing a good black dress, you will have to stick to simple and classic designs that will flatter your figure.

High heeled pumps: There is something about a woman who struts confidently into a room in a pair of heeled pumps. Whether peep toed or closed, pumps are simply great for formal occasions.

Button-up white shirt: Every woman should have a fitted button-up white shirt in her wardrobe. The white shirt is not meant to be worn only to work. A crisp white shirt on a pair of jeans trousers is ideal for that touch of style and elegance that you have often craved.

Jeans: A pair of well-fitted denims is useful in more ways than one. The trick is in using the right accessories and being creative with your tops. A pair of boot cut Jeans is preferable.

Source: Comfort Oseghale