Strongman owes 'old man' Mr. Logic no apology - Ola Michael

Thu, 12 Dec 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

While radio presenter Prince Tsegah takes strong exception to Strongman's statement that Mr. Logic's critique of his [Strongman] version of 'riddim of the gods' was influenced by "hate" and "too much weed", Ola Michael insists the rapper did not err and needs not to apologise to the artiste manager.

Mr. Logic while reviewing EL, Sarkodie, Teephlow and Strongman's versions of JMJ's 'Riddim of the gods' on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz, Tuesday, noted that he was not impressed with Strongman’s and suggested the young rapper redoes his version. 

“Strongman’s verse on 'riddim of the gods' is the weakest,” he mentioned. 

Unhappy about the comment, Strongman took a swipe at Mr. Logic. In a tweet, he said: “Coming from a man who has not given me a pen before but said I’m ungrateful, someone who said I’m disrespectful for saying the truth about the hammer issue, I’m not shocked. Bro I’m bigger than hate. Do something better. #TooMuchWeed.” 

His utterance, according to Prince Tsegah, smacks of gross disrespect. Making a submission on Wednesday’s edition of the show, the showbiz critic could not fathom why the young rapper spewed “rubbish” in his attempt to rebut wise counsel. 

“How can you talk to senior man Logic [in that manner]? That too much weed? Does he know the implications of that? That is rubbish,” he fumed. “If somebody criticizes your work, you have to take stock of what the person said, not to just react. Strongman, you have shot yourself in the foot by speaking disrespectfully to a senior citizen in this industry.”

Prince Tsegah advised Strongman to render an unqualified apology to Mr. Logic as several stakeholders have taken notice of his unfounded outburst. 

He said: “You need to come and apologise to Logic. His opinion cannot be your wish. Strongman, you didn’t do well.” 

On the same platform, Mr. Logic while attacking Strongman about his tweet mentioned that there is a misconception he hates the rapper. 

“I was expecting much from Strongman. He does well with rhymes. What I heard yesterday wasn't the Strongman that I know. It's such an impudence for him to go off Twitter, saying I am under the influence of weed,” Mr. Logic said.

“I am one of the people who said Strongman was being kept beneath on his label. No one paid attention to that until I said he betrayed Sarkodie, then they said I hate the guy. I do not hate Strongman. They should stop all this hate tag. It’s so petty the way they are going about this thing... He should know he’s speaking to an elderly person. I’m not a kid. The disrespect is becoming too much in the industry,” he added. 

Mr. Logic however seems to have contradicted himself after a video clip of his submission months ago on the same show captures him expressing how he has "never liked Strongman", emerged.

Sharing the said footage on his Facebook wall, Ola Michael, a renowned movie director and showbiz analyst said based on the content of the video, Logic cannot fault Strongman for rebutting.

"With evidences available to me, I can say that Mr. Logic doesn't like Strongman. So his judgement of the latter's rap was biased and totally based on anathemaic feeling and not professional opinion. People should disregard Logic's opinion of Strongman," he stated.

Without any equivocation, he added: "Strongman has nothing to apologise for. He was bitten and he has bitten back. It's as simple as that.

"Logic could have made his judgement devoid of emotions and disaffections towards the young man. As we grow, let's learn to separate emotions from profession. Court rise..?"

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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