Movies Mon, 3 Sep 2018

YADAH Productions restages ‘Beautiful Scars’ September 15

YADAH Productions is set to restage ‘Beautiful Scars’ at the National Theatre on September 15, 2018.

The first and second shows come off at 4pm and 8pm respectively.

‘Beautiful Scars', is an emotional story spiced with just the right dose of comedy that will still allow the emotional message of the story come across effectively.

The story is about a character – Debo, an HR executive who loves her job and wants everyone to do the right thing; but there is a thorn in her flesh, Nyaame, a young lady who acts weird and is disrespectful.

“Why won’t Nyaame acknowledge Debo with her right hand or answer her questions after she asks about a thousand times?”

Join Yadah Productions at the National theatre September 15, 2018 and have some fun.

About Yadah Productions

Yadah Productions is known for its motivating, inspiring and hilarious Plays. In only two years, Yadah Productions has carved a niche for herself. They have produced four amazing plays such as THE STORM, BLUE BLACK, AMA 2G and BEAUTIFUL SCARS that has greatly educated, inspired and entertained its audience and teeming fans.

Their understanding of the relevance and power of stage productions in human reformation, relaxation and national development helps them to put together only the best as far as the industry is concerned.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com