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TRENDING GH: ‘The new replacement isn’t doing much; Ghanaians recall fond memories of Ebony

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Sun, 10 Feb 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

February appears to be a tough month for family, friends and fans of the late Priscilla Opoku Agyemang (Ebony Reigns) who met her untimely death same month a year ago.

‘Black February’ as some describe it, has been filled with fresh and fond memories of the late dancehall diva, including her back to back hit songs, ‘sexually suggestive’ way of dressing and limitless talent displayed on every stage she mounted.

The ‘90’s bad gyal’ has been riding the music waves since her bold entrance onto the scene in 2015 until her unfortunate passing on February 8, 2018.

However, tributes pouring out for late Ebony in this month of remembrance alone has to some extent outshined the usual ‘smell’ of fast approaching Valentine's day as she still lingers on the minds of many.

Most Ghanaians across the streets of Accra who spoke to www.ghanaweb.com in an interview labeled Ebony as a great talented performer who shouldn’t have died at an early stage.

They also maintained that no artiste can replace her not even Rufftown Record’s new signee, Wendy Shay whom many have described as a replica of the late songstress.

‘When I heard of the incident, it was very shocking but what can we do? She’s already gone. We are hoping for a replacement but the new one (Wendy Shay) is not doing well. The way Ebony does her things she’s not doing same”. these were the exact words of one of an interviewee.

To some, she saved the ‘almost dead’ music industry with her rise to fame and others also established for a fact that no female artiste in Ghana has been able to ‘level up’ that particular standard till now.

Many music lovers including Ebony’s dad have said Wendy Shay is trying to imitate the late dancehall artiste, with some believing she is set out to take the place of the late songstress.

Another fascinating aspect of her demise is the sudden love for the artist including those who felt she was using nudity to sell her brand thereby shifting the focus from the talent she had.

In this regard a gentleman we interacted with admitted to be a part of the many Ghanaians who chastised Ebony for her ‘indecent’ dressing but realized her worth and uniqueness after death laid its icy hands on her

‘I didn’t really like her approach. She looked too indecent and seductive for me especially some of her videos. After she died I started liking her and listening to her songs and I realized some of her songs actually gives pertinent advice to the youth’’. He observed

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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