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Wed, 2 Nov 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Ever wondered why some Ghanaian prophets and pastors love to send death prophecies on high-profile persons through their social media platforms or openly declare that a calamity is about to befall a celebrity?

Prophet Azuka also known as Ogya Nyame of the Shinning Grace Chapel International has explained that social media has made it easier to reach out to celebrities instead of placing a call to them.

The Ghanaian prophet in an interview with Paula Amma Broni on Talkertainment disclosed that some stone-heart celebrities tend to disrespect them when they reach out to deliver the word of God to them. For this reason, they prefer to go public with whatever prophecy they have to deliver.

"As prophets, when we call these celebrities to deliver death prophecies, they assume that we want their money. Some may not pick up your calls or pay heed to you. They will just hang up on you in a disrespectful manner but thanks to social media, we now have GBC on our phones to do our announcement. Times have changed so people must understand us," Prophet Azuka told GhanaWeb.

He also called on Ghanaians to desist from insulting men of God whose only crime is speaking the words of God. According to him, a man can not run away from prophecies of doom, instead, they can pray to avert them.

"New cars will one day become old. I want people to understand that no man born of a woman can have good dreams only for the rest of their life. There will definitely be bad ones. In Ghana, prophets prophecy about the good and bad.

"When we say the bad ones, they come to insult us. Some even call us fake. The later come to blame us when it comes to pass...when you ignore the warnings, the bad prophecy might come to pass. God has blessed his people with special gifts," he explained.

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