Movies Fri, 9 Apr 2010

“The Cameraman Deceived Me”-Juliet Ibrahim

The first time the trailer of the upcoming movie 4 Play from Venus Films was seen on ghanaianmovie.com, it came as a surprise to believe the actress was Juliet Ibrahim because she once told us in an interview that she will not feature in any semi-nudity movie or even go to the extent of kissing passionately.

This pushed the inquisitive team of Flex newspaper to enquire about her change of mind in that movie. In an interview with her, she revealed to Flex newspaper that she was called for the role and given the script to study for the movie. She continued that she took her time and read it thoroughly with much understanding of the character and the story so she accepted to play it.

Juliet explained to the director that she doesn't passionately kiss and play romance in movies, so she was given the option to show her back in one of the scenes rather than kissing a total stranger. (she said with a frowned face)

When asked her why she does not want to kiss passionately in movies, she said that it's due to health reasons and the fact that unlike Hollywood, here in Africa the movie stars are not medically tested in any way before they go on set. And secondly, because of the fact that she is engaged and will be marrying soon.

Thirdly, she added that it is generally against her ethics as an actress because she doesn't believe sex scenes or kissing in a movie proves you are a good actress. She therefore makes sure she tells every director she works with and most of them have been very understanding.


To her, even after accepting a script, she makes suggestions to whoever is directing the movie because she thinks movie making is a collaborative effort and the performer has the right to accept or refuse an act depending on what the scene is demanding.

Talking about the movie 4Play, she hinted that she has become so confused and does not even know what to do ever since her cousin called her from the States to complain about the scene. “The entire thing is really making me sick, confused, irritated, sad and disappointed simply because I had no idea that the camera man had taken those shots of my sides instead of taking only my back as agreed initially.

How can they do that without my knowledge? I have watched the trailer over and over again but I still don't know how the camera man and director captured my sides, I'm troubled and though my grievance may seem like a foul cry, I still have to fight for my rights as an actress”.

“I have not featured in any movie from Venus films since Crime to Christ and that was way back in 2006.It was my first appearance on the silver screen, so when I was called to be part of 4Play, I thought of it as going back to 'My Roots' only for this to happen, being pushed over the edge” she lamented.

As to what action she is going to take next if they do not listen to her pleas, she revealed that she can`t really say much because she has not been able to get in touch with Venus films yet. Moreover, Salam is not picking her calls when she calls him for deliberations.

Source: Attractive/www.ghanaianmovie.com