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‘The Challenge’ Is A Life Changing Experience, Previous Winners Reveal.

UNTIL his triumph in the maiden edition of the hit television reality show, The Challenge, organized by the BRITISH COUNCIL in partnership with leading telecommunications company TIGO and event organizers, Charterhouse, Joojo Chartei Quansah had a story not different from many other Ghanaian University graduates.

Initially, he had to manage to overcome unending obstacles to emerge as one of the best students in his course of study at the University of Ghana. From a humble beginning, the young man was focused, knew his destination and exactly what he wanted in life, yet he wasn’t sure of the vehicle to carry him there. It was an entire mix-up which appeared quite simple but a rather cumbersome phenomenon after a critical thought. Filled with exceeding zeal and a passion to grab the gold in life, Joojo did not know the path to his dreams.

He did not know the road that led to his aspirations which became very frustrating for a young man who had vowed to change the world around him. But there came the safest vehicle that plied the right route to his most treasured endpoint, The Challenge Ghana. Currently, Joojo works with TIGO where he serves as the Voice Entertainment Manager of the Value Added Services arm of the Marketing Unit having joined the company as a Business Intelligence Manager. Talking to Joojo in his state of the art office, the Marketer did not mince words about The Challenge being a life changing experience and admitted it had catapulted him to his current status in life. According to him, the extensive exposure accompanied by the doors that opened as a result of The Challenge was incredible. In addition to the personal development, he also acquired the credibility and image he needed to build his brand as he prepared to take on the world. ‘To me The Challenge Ghana is that asset when acquired can be relied on at any point in life and will eventually lead you to greatness. As a competition, it is ideal for people who want that positive and drastic change to happen to their lives’ were his words. Joojo won the first edition of the competition. He was sponsored for a master programme, MA Marketing Communications at the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom as a part of the winning package of over 40,000 pounds which included airfare, accommodation and monthly stipend. On his return, he picked up a high paying job at giant telecommunications company, TIGO to start his career. It is the same realization in the case of Joseph Opoku, who emerged the ultimate winner of the second season of The Challenge from an initial group of over 600 candidates. He opted for a postgraduate degree, MSC Broadband and High Speed Communications Network at the University of Westminster for his fully paid scholarship package. Joseph is now much fulfilled with a flying career and currently works with a globally respected brand, Ericsson (Ghana) as a Senior Services Engineer or alternatively referred to as a 3G Engineer and hopes to rise to senior management in the very near future. Josephs describes The Challenge as the best thing to have happened to his life as he reflected on his journey in life. ‘I have been transformed in all aspects of my life thanks to The Challenge. Mentally, I have become matured and stronger. I am deeper in thought now and also open minded. The Challenge equips you with the confidence, smartness and the intellect the job market requires and also puts you ahead of the pack. It has added value to me by virtue of acquiring a post graduate degree in a very unique field’. According to Joseph, anyone who wants to make a difference in their lives should put themselves together and prepare to bring it on in the next season of The Challenge as they might be that lucky winner.

Season Three of The Challenge is underway and application to participate is open for all second class upper or first class degree holders. Text your name to the short code 1750 for a pin which is to be used to complete the application forms at www.thechallengeghana.com.

After completion of the forms, the generic code provided on the website should be sent to the short code 1750 to confirm registration. You can’t afford to miss out on such a life changing opportunity to study in the very best of Britain's top universities.

The Challenge season three is brought to you by The British Council and TIGO in association with the University of Westminster and powered by GH One Entertainment TV. It is proudly supported by SIC, Robert Gordon University, Gsocialize.com, IPMC and GTV.

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