There is nothing beautiful about Teenage Pregnancy - Nana Aba Anamoah


Mon, 13 Jan 2014 Source: maame yaa tutu-enewsgh.com

“I love the media, i enjoy it. I don’t see myself doing same on another platform in this country. If I quit am on my own.”

This was one of many responses, broadcaster, Nana Aba Anamoah, gave to Graphic Showbiz Columnist, Francis Doku, in an interview on the micro blogging site, Twitter last weekend.

The virtual session touched on almost everything from career, to personal life choices and regrets.

When asked why she’s still at TV3 despite the fact that many of her colleagues including Roland Walker, Robert Kyere, Henry Herbert Malm and Kojo Hayford, Bright Nana Amfo have since left, Anamoah, who has been working with the station for the last 9 years said: “The money is great, my colleagues are fantastic, and working environment is fabulous.”

Among other revelations, the award winning presenter also said her son, JY, inspires her to do more, adding that the opportunity to be the voice of the voiceless motivates her as well.

On teenage pregnancy, Anamoah said there was nothing beautiful about it but added she doesn’t regret having her son at a very early age.

“There’s nothing beautiful abt teenage pregnancy. I don’t regret having my son, but i don’t condone teenage preggers.”

Anamoah would love to have another child and also went on to suggest, marriage isn’t meant for everyone.

She also adds that she is currently seeing someone.

“I’d love to have another child. Yes, i’m in love with a certain someone. LOL. We are comfy dating. Marriage?LOOOOL.”

Miss Anamoah, who hosts TV3?s Saturday morning Football show, ‘Diva’s Show’, also disclosed that she wanted to leave the station at a point, but rescinded her decision, somehow.

Anamoah said she “would have been a nurse if I were not to be presenting because I love serving people” and also told one follower she would love to be a mentor for 1000 young people in 5 years’ time.

The gorgeous presenter says her greatest fear, is losing her son, JY.

Esther Cobbah of Stratcom Africa she said, is her role model.

Source: maame yaa tutu-enewsgh.com