These 3 actors have allegedly ‘humiliated’ Akuapem Poloo

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Rosemond Alade Brown aka. Akuapem Poloo has in recent times revealed that most “A-List” celebrities are shying away from her for unknown reasons and some even tell it to her face that they don’t want to have anything to do with her.

According to Poloo, these Actors have on major platforms labelled her with all manner of insults. In fact she says, some have actually ditched movie roles because she featured on the same movie set as them.

The Actress/ video vixen has, on countless occasions, complained about not being loved and accepted by her colleagues and to her, she is finding it more difficult to adjust due to the bad treatment meted out to her.

She has, also in various instances identified that her colleagues make her feel unaccepted through their gestures and some even go the extent of creating embarrassing scenarios to make her (Akuapem Poloo) feel worthless.

Here are the three people Rosemond Brown says have disrespected her:

Nana Ama-McBrown

Rosemond Brown, in an interview with Zionfelix stated that when she first met Nana Ama Mcbrown at Ebony’s funeral and attempted to take a picture with her, NanaAma Mcbrown refused saying, she has promised herself not to associate with Akuapem Poloo’s brand.

Golden Movie Awards saga

Akuapem Poloo was one of the characters in the movie ‘Side Chic Gang’ and after the producer had given his speech and was leaving, she stole her way to the podium to give a speech.

Nana Ama Mcbrown on the other hand tried to prevent her from doing so and ended up pushing her off the stage in the process.

Because Rosemond persisted, Nana Ama angrily left the stage without saying a word.

Prince David Osei

Prince David Osei was disgusted by the fact that Rosemond Brown was allowed to present an award on stage at the Golden Movie Awards.

According to Prince, the award ceremony showcases Ghana and Africa’s culture across the globe. It is for this reason he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw 'poor English-speaking' Rosemond Brown on the podium while “better” celebrities were around to do the honours.

“You bring people who are not articulate to present awards. Her English speaking is out of place. There are a lot of people who could have presented the award. She took an hour to breathe. Why is it that when people play the tomfoolery we celebrate? Stupidity is the hallmark. People are doing so well and they are not recognised but if you give the platform to fools…” he fumed.

The comments didn’t go down well with Rosemond Brown as she took it to the extreme and wept bitterly for such comments made about her personality.

Lydia Forson

According to the Ghanaian actress, Miss Forson has ditched an acting role because she realized that she (Akuapem Poloo) was going to be featured in the same movie as well. Recounting the experience, Akuapem said it made her cry.

"I wept when I realized that they said they rejected their script, they didn't let me know that it was because of me," she told Mona Gucci, host of Link Up show on Kantanka TV. Poloo continued that it wasn't the first time Lydia distanced herself from her.

"Something has happened before at Golden Movie Awards. When I was asked to go and present an award something happened behind the backstage," she said as revealed that the Lydia Forson boycotted performing a role at the awards ceremony just because she realised that she (Poloo) was on the programme as well. Daring the actres to deny her comments, she said. "If Lydia says I am lying, she should say it that I am lying".

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