These showbiz personalities have defended McBrown amid Despite Media exit brouhaha

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Thu, 16 Mar 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Actress cum enterpreneur, Nana Ama McBrown's switch from Despite Media (UTV) to Media General (Onua TV) has attracted quite some public reaction ranging from criticism and wellwishes.

The critics have largely been restricted to former colleagues within the Despite Media group.

Yet, she has also received a good dose to support from colleagues and major actors in the entertainment ecosystem.

GhanaWeb looks at public figures who have backed her decision

A Plus

Commenting on the issue on Instagram, A Plus who is a regular guest on UTV’s United Showbiz, the show McBrown used to host on the Despite Media platform, said: “If UTV made her a great presenter, then we should be excited to be part of her success story. Do yours and wish others well.”

Reggie Rockstone

In an Instagram comment amid the brouhaha, Reggie acknowledged the criticism he received when he joined the music group VIP after Promzy's exit but emphasized that everyone enjoyed the music they created together.

He also expressed his belief that change is good and that people should move on.

“Till this day, some folx still cuss me about joining VIP into VVIP, but all enjoyed the music we made lol smh! Humans can be sum way huh! Change is good, and we all move on! Bless us all, AMEN,” he shared.

Akrobeto comes to McBrown's defense

Reacting to McBrown's move, Akrobeto in a radio interview announced that there is nothing wrong with the actress' move adding that the station does not own her.

"It is a business, we all moved from somewhere to our current job. We've seen couples divorce and remarry. People relocate to different countries, UTV hasn't bought Nana Ama, they don't own her.

"She came to work and has decided to move. Maybe she loved the offer she got and felt it was okay and so if she is leaving, there is nothing wrong," he explained in Twi.

Akrobeto also debunked claims of Despite Media sacking McBrown as the host of United Showbiz. According to the actor, their employers had no option but to let her go when she confirmed her decision.

"Footballers in various clubs play for the money. The team doesn't belong to anyone reason why we witness transfers. Nana hasn't wronged anyone, and neither is UTV.

"She feels that the right decision has been made. It is simple as ABC, nobody sacked her, ignore such rumours...you can call Fada Dickson to confirm that she wasn't sacked. The decision was taken by Nana," Akrobeto disclosed.

Captain Smart

Whiles responding to a critique by Afia Schwarzenegger for his role in welcoming McBrown on her first day at Media General (March 13), Captain Smart explained that he had a long history with McBrown dating back to his days at Fox FM in Kumasi.

"What I don't like is for people who don't know the struggles a person has been through, feeling pained because of their progress.

"Look, out of spite, I will even go and get a tattoo of McBrown on my back," he stated on the Onua Maakye programme of March 14. I will draw a photo of McBrown on my back," he stressed.

McBrown joins Media General after Despite Media exit

On Monday, March 13, the popular actress and show host was unveiled as the latest member of Media General, confirming her move from Despite Media where she hosted United Showbiz for over 3 years.

The move has witnessed some staff of Despite Media describing McBrown as ungrateful with others claiming that her former employers groomed her in being a better television presenter.

Recalling her life struggles on 3FM with Johnnie Hughes, the award-winning media personality took credit for her growth in acting and every aspect of her life.

"It didn't start today, I started this long ago. I knew and saw this picture long ago. I am not impressing anybody, I am working for myself...it is part of the job when people come after me. How about the blessings? It is the same way when the ambassadorial deals are coming.

"Whoever is saying what about me, I leave that person to God because I know myself and I know I have worked my way through here. I didn't come here just for the sake of my beauty or maybe my smile. I have worked to make my smile impactful. I am here because I have worked, oh Jonnie I have worked!" she hammered with pride.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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