They blackmailed my lover – Moesha opens up about relationship with pastor

Moesha Mo2.png Moesha Boduong

Mon, 26 Dec 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Socialite Moesha Boduong who once disclosed she was dating a pastor who was assisting her to build a house at East Legon has said that she made this public because some people were blackmailing the preacher.

She mentioned on The Delay Show that she aimed at clearing the air, a target she successfully executed.

“I realized that people were using a lot of stories they’ve heard about me to extort and blackmail him because he is a target to so many women,” said Moesha who donned a black attire.

Meanwhile, Moesha has explained that a house located at East Legon that went viral after her birthday was not hers but a rented apartment.

She denied ever inviting bloggers for an unveiling as she stressed, she only held a birthday party there. According to her, the narrative that the house was hers came from bloggers.

“I own my own house but that house was not mine. That’s a rented house,” she clarified. “But it’s literally mine. Sometimes, I tell people that it’s mine. It’s not like I own it.”

Asked how she classified a rented apartment as hers, Moesha explained that “when you rent a place, you own the space for that time. But I never said it was mine. I have my own home at Ajiringanor… It was my birthday and bloggers were all over my house."

"They recorded me and I just found myself all over social media.”

In June 2021, a video clip of Moesha at the Revelation Church renouncing her sins and announcing her newfound love for Jesus Christ went viral as many expressed shocks over the decision. Others, however, doubted its veracity, stressing that it was a stunt.

The actress, known for her racy lifestyle, also announced she had changed her name from Moesha to Maurecia.

A year after, she is back to her old lifestyle causing people to wonder what went wrong.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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