Today in 2016: Don't criticise luxurious men of God - Sonnie Badu

Mon, 17 Feb 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Regardless of all the great things that Ghanaian men of God do such as their inspirational messages, charities to the needy, their lifestyle always raises eyebrows.

The multi-million houses they own, luxurious cars they drive around and the designer suits they wear, are some of the parameters used to judge them by the society.

Well, in 2016, Ghanaian US-based musician, Sonnie Badu who is now founder and leader of the Rock Hills Church urged the public to desist from attacking men of God who show off their wealth.

In a Facebook post, he wrote the extravagant lifestyle of the ministers of God was a compensation that God gives to them after years of suffering to grow their ministries.

“Luxury life in ministry is just the compensation that God gives you after long suffering, so Any man of God that you see enjoying a bit of life don't criticize, always find out the story behind the glory.

"I knew he was with me when I use to sleep in cars, I knew he was with me when I was homeless, I knew my star would one day shine when my ex's mum saw that broke boy and warned me never to step foot in their house , it was part of the test ... so hang in there and let your heart be pure, you are next in line for a major breakthrough."

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Meanwhile, Rev. Obofour over the weekend was captured sharing TVs and fridges at his son’s birthday party

It was his son’s birthday and he took the opportunity to show the world how wealthy he is as he flaunted his wealth by spraying cash.

Watch the video below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com