‘Tonga’ doesn’t define me – Joey B

JOEY 696x928 Joey B

Thu, 28 Mar 2019 Source: starrfm.com.gh

Rapper and singer Joey has reiterated that he has so much more creativity in him than the song that brought him into the limelight ”Tonga”.

He said Tonga brought him into the limelight but music lovers need to love him for who he is and accept the creativity in his songs after that.

Speaking to Jon Germain on the zone Friday, he said ‘Even though ‘tonga’ propelled me, that’s not how I started, I just feel like people should accept me just the way I am.

When asked whether his fan are stuck with ‘tonga’, he said “yes and no. Some people still feel that they miss the ‘tonga’ joey b. ‘Tonga’ is not a song where I planned that this is going to be Joey b for like the rest of his life. I just felt like I was just playing around and it was a hit. I need to be innovative, I have so much than ‘tonga’.”

As to whether his fans are accepting his original sound he said “I think I got into a place where they just accept anything that Joey B brings, but I think that if they really want to laugh or have a laugh, I think it’s the rapping joey B because I always say some very terrible foolish stuff when I’m rapping. I can’t help it, it will definitely come.”

“As a creator or as a creative person you need to be dabbing around these super creative stuff. But when you are different, it’s a gift and a curse because it could go really south. So that means you have to do it properly, and finding a balance is one of the hardest things in life,” he added.

Joey also revealed that he learned how to sing from rapper cum producer E.L.

He said “E.L is my idol, no matter how grammy or wherever I go, I’ll still be that little bro to E.L. I learned how to do choruses and even how to sing from him and he didn’t even know. My rapping style is from Wanluv and E.L but I just added my stuff to it.“

Source: starrfm.com.gh