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Treat her like a Queen; spice up your marriage

In the beginning, she was the most beautiful woman you had ever seen. Every time you set eyes on her, you felt like you were looking at an angel. Her voice sounded like silk on the phone, her laughter, like sweet melody in your ears. She was perfect and she could do no wrong. You were proud to be seen with her. She was the only thing that occupied your mind. You practically day dreamed about her every day.

Then as months go by, you become familiar and all that dazzling beauty disappears. Her voice starts to sound normal and her laughter sometimes irritates you.

You ask her to marry you because you feel it’s expected of you. After the honeymoon, everything else becomes mechanical. You become just house mates and roommates. You drag your feet whenever it’s time for you to go home after work. You jump at every opportunity to spend time with the guys, because you meet nothing but boredom at home. Well guys, it’s not too late to put some excitement into your marriage.

Here are some tips

Thoughtful Gifts


When a wife gets all excited about a gift from her husband, it’s not so much about what the gift is, but the thought for which it was given. It tells her that her husband has her in his mind and heart; and it also shows his appreciation for her. Take time to know the little things that your wife favors and get them for her if you can. Flowers, cards, teddy bears and chocolates never get old. There is also nothing wrong with a husband buying lingerie for his wife. On her birthdays, be the first to wish her and do something special for her, even if it’s just the two of you.

If you are not financially stable, it still doesn’t stop you from being happy. Buy her favorite fruits; write her some love notes, every now and then. Sing for her, even if you have a terrible voice. After all, it’s the thought that counts not the action.

Give Her a Hand

These days, it seems like chivalry is dead. Men don’t give helping hands to ladies anymore; even to the elderly. Your wife will appreciate it very much if you help out once in a while at home. Help out with the kids, the house chores or with the cooking, that is if you can cook. Cooking for your wife once in a while doesn’t make you a sissy. It doesn’t change your status as the man of the house. It shows your sensitivity and caring nature. Sometimes you can also join her in the kitchen whiles she is cooking and help or keep her company. You can have fun cooking together. Open the car door for her to enter or climb out and close afterwards. Pull up the chair when you go out together. Find out what she would like and order for her when you take her to lunch or dinner. When you go for shopping together, don’t leave her holding the heavy stuff, be a gentleman and help out. Sometimes, if you have a car, you can drive her to the market. And whenever she is incapacitated take care of her.

Pamper Her


After a hard day’s work, give her a shoulder rub; and in the bathroom, help her scrub her back. When you are sitting together on the couch watching TV or just relaxing, put her head on your lap and play with her hair. Women love that; don’t mess up her hair though. You can just take a strand and twirl it around your finger. Cuddle her whenever you can. We love to be cuddled. Remember, it’s the little things you do that make us love you more.

Appreciate Her

Do not take for granted her services to you and the kids; and sometimes even to your friends and extended family. Even though it’s is her responsibility or obligation to take care of you, the children and the house, learn to show your appreciation to her for doing her work well, because not every woman is responsible. Do not take her respect and obedience to you for granted. When she welcomes you home, takes your jacket and briefcase; and offers you a cup of water after you return from work, learn to say thank you. When you need her to do something for you, ask her politely and don’t demand it of her. Remember, she’s your help mate not your maid.

Compliment Her

There are many men out there, who wish to be in your shoes and are willing to flatter your wife with compliments, regardless of the fact that she is married. Give her a good appraisal and let her feel like she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. Be observant and always ready to give her a good compliment or a gentle critique about her appearance; after all a woman only dresses to please her man.


Show Interest in Her Business

Find out about her day at work and whatever she may be going through at the office or her place of business. Share ideas and call on her every now and then when she’s at work to find out how’s she’s doing. You can also send her text messages. If you can afford it, you can pop up occasionally and take her to lunch.

Satisfy Her In Bed

It is easier for a man to be aroused than it is for a woman. Most women have never experienced orgasm, because their men fail to satisfy them in love-making. When it comes to sex, most men are only concerned about their own pleasure. They get in and get out, without any thought for the woman’s feelings. Don’t treat your wife like she’s a sex toy or a sex machine that you can use anytime you feel like it. Take time to pleasure her; find her soft spots and gently and lovingly touch her in those places.

Explore her body and don’t rush to climax. Look her in the eyes with love and passion when you make love to her. Make sure she’s well satisfied; after all God created sex for both the man and the woman to enjoy. After love making, do not be in a hurry to put on your clothes or turn to the other side and sleep. Hold her in your arms and sleep.

Well guys, these are only but a few of some of the things you can do to bring back the fire into your marriage. Be happy and Enjoy your marriage.

Stay blessed and always remember that Jesus loves you dearly and I do too.

By: Trudylove Smith-Freeman/ trudylove1810@gmail.com

Source: Trudylove Smith-Freeman