Trials and tribulations build you as an artiste - Kumi Guitar

Kumiguitar Calm Musician, Kumi Guitar

Tue, 10 Nov 2020 Source: etvghana.com

Ghanaian highlife singer-songwriter and guitarist, Kumi Guitar, has asserted that we cannot do away with trials and tribulations that one may face while climbing up in the Ghanaian music industry.

In an interview with Foster Romanus on the Late Nite Celebrity Show, he noted that how the artiste handles these troubles is what makes him or her an artiste adding that one needs to be level-headed to be able to survive in the Ghanaian music industry.

He added that it is important as an artiste to have two hearts; one for the people and one for the artiste himself.

“If you don’t have that second heart and you only have one heart pumping blood for you and doing everything else, that is when you’ll get High blood pressure and your veils will all choke up."

"I’ve always said that If you have a clear heart and mind, you’ll go through a lot of issues, tribulations and troubles, and you’ll need to jump even higher hurdles that you never thought you’d meet but someway, somehow, there will be a push. Somebody would hold you from behind and help you jump,” he said.

This came up while discussing how things have been for him and how he has been holding up since NAM1’s fallout from the industry dragging his management, Zylofon Music along with him.

According to Kumi Guitar, he could not have held up had it not been for the grace of God.

“If you’re an artiste, in all, this makes you. Whether it comes good or bad, it is up to you to turn it into a positive vibe for yourself. If you take things negatively before you’d know it, you’d be saying or doing things that you shouldn’t be doing,” he concluded.

Source: etvghana.com