Music Sat, 17 Mar 2007

Two Ghanaians In Idols

The Idols West Africa contest is getting keener and keener as the search for the Top 10 continues. From the thousands that auditioned, the judges managed to prune the figure to 24.

Divided into four groups of six each from that stage, two batches have already tried to impress the viewing public for their votes to enable them make it to the Top 10.

By some coincidence, the two Ghanaians still in the contest, 27-year-old Ernest Darkwa, a Level 400 student at the University of Ghana and Ama Ejisu, also a student, are in the same group for the third round which will be telecast on Sunday, March 18 on MNET from 6.00pm.

Darkwa says he entered the Idols West Africa contest because he wants to be a star. Ama claims reaching this far has been a dream come true.

Though their abilities up till now have been enough to impress the judges: Dede Mabiaku, Abrewanana and Dan Foster, whether they can sail through to the next stage or not depends on how viewers appraise them after Sunday?s broadcast.

Speaking to Showbiz last week, Darkwa said his dream is to eventually bring victory to Ghana. He urged viewers from Ghana to vote massively to improve Ghana?s chances of getting into the Top 10.

?At this stage of the competition, it is not just how talented or how well a contestant performs that determines victory.

The number of votes the competitor gets is all that matters for now. Whether we accept it or not, viewers are voting for their compatriots.

Our population is much smaller than where some of the other contestants come from, so it is necessary to vote to keep Ghana in contention for the ultimate prize.?

To vote for Darkwa and Ama, viewers must text to Areeba- 1444, Kasapa-1562 and Tigo/OneTouch-15626.

Voting lines will open at the end of the performances on Sunday and will close at 1.00pm the next day. Voters can text a maximum of 50 times per line.

Ama said sometime ago that she would scream her head off if she becomes the first West African Idol.

All she and Darkwa can do for now is to cross their fingers tightly and pray that the votes flood in for them to get into the next stage of the competition.


Source: ghanamusic.com