Tabloid News Wed, 30 Jan 2008

Two women fight over "Juju Money Box"

CLASSIC FM TECHIMAN, BA. Kenten, a suburb of Techiman in the Brong Ahafo Region was thrown into confusion when news reached town that two women who had gone to throw the previous day’s refuse at a refuse dump were fighting over a box supposed to contain money. Several residents trooped to the refuse dump to have their share of the “booty”.

The two women Akosua Takyiwaa and Yaa Mprengo who walked together to the site saw a miniature box with One Million Euro written on each side of the box. As they went closer, one of the women threw down her refuse and quickly went for the box. The other woman challenged her colleague that she had seen the box first and was waiting to throw away her refuse before going for it. A serious argument ensued which attracted some passersby. News quickly started doing the rounds that some women had trampled on huge sum of money in a box at the refuse dump site.

As people gathered around the two women, one man insisted that the box should be opened to see what was inside. To their surprise, when the box was opened, they saw a huge live python, twelve eggs and a blood-soaked calico. People started moving backwards as the two women took to their heels.


Meanwhile accusing fingers are being pointed at a certain businessman in town who has been suspected of using juju money. According to a source who spoke to Daily Guide on the basis of anonymity, the way the man has been splashing money around and acquiring landed properties have created some sort of suspicion as to how he managed to get all those monies in a relatively short time that he entered into business.

It is noteworthy to mention here that rumours of people acquiring wealth through juju is very common in the Brong Ahafo Region and this case is no big deal for people who belief in juju money. In an interview with Opanin Kojo Mensah, a seventy year old farmer, he said if the women had not gone to the place so early in the morning, the juju man would have come for the box which might contain the one million Euro. According to Opanin Mensah, juju money is real and that so many people have become rich through juju.

Pastor Osei Asibey Bonsu, who also spoke to this reporter, discounted the assertion of Opanin Mensah, saying there is nothing like juju money but only hard work and prayer can make one rich. He was however quick to add that there are others who become fabulously rich through arm robbery and the sale of cocaine or heroine. He cited the example of the jailed self-confessed drug baron, Tagor who through drugs became a multimillionaire at a very young age. He advised the youth to work hard and pray for God’s blessing and refuse to be swayed by any juju man who may promise them quick money.

Source: Eric Bawah and Antwi Boasiako John Classic fm Techiman