UG Attacks: We pay expensive fees yet fear our own shadows; fix the lights, up security - Students

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Mon, 6 May 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Students of the University of Ghana, particularly those who reside in hostels in the northern part of campus have been gripped with fear following the attack launched on a student last night.

The level 400 Psychology student was reportedly plying the route that links the main campus to hostels like TF, Bani, Evandy and Pentagon when he was attacked by some three unscrupulous persons.

Per the accounts given by some students who spoke to the GhanaWeb team, the victim, identified as Daniel Osei, was in the company of some mates who were also heading towards TF when they were ambushed by the assailants.

They mentioned that before the attack was carried out, the assailants fired a warning shot to deter the victims from running but failed. The other mates of Daniel Osei managed to flee the scene after the shot, unscathed.

Photos circulating on social media show deeps cut to the head, hand and legs of Daniel Osei which are the result of his effort to free himself from the assailants' grip.

The red flags which run through the submission by students were the nonfunctional street lights on that particular stretch and the thick bushes that have over the years become a hideout for such persons.

Speaking to the initiators of the social media hashtag protest, they indicated that, the idea of an online protest sprang up as a result of frustration and what seems to be an indifferent posture taken by the school management in handling such situations.

In a related development, however, management of the school today, May 6, 2019, were locked up in a meeting with student leaders to discuss measures to curb the situation and the way forward.

Earlier this semester, an SRC communique was sent around warning students not to ply certain routes as cases of dead bodies being left around and others had been reported.

On social media, some individuals have expressed their sympathy and recounted similar instances where they were caught up in the midst of such attacks while plying the route in question.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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