VIDEO: Big Akwes apologizes; FIPAG rejects apology

Tue, 30 Sep 2014 Source: Albert Benefo Buabeng

The Film Producers’ Association of Ghana (FIPAG) has indicated that it will not accept the apology from actor, Big Akwes following his comments that actors, directors and film producers sleep with actresses for roles.

Public Relations Officer of FIPAG, Michael Kweku Ola told host of Brunch2Lunch on Radio Univers, Abrantepa, that though Big Akwes has apologized, he has not retracted the statement.

According to FIPAG PRO, “So many opportunities have been given him to correct himself and apologize. The only time I heard him apologize was on another station where he even made an affirmation of what he said.”

Adding, “he did not show any sign of remorse. Meaning, he has not regretted making those comments. If you listen to the tape very well, you will realize that he has smeared our face with mud.”

He further noted, “he knows where our office is. If he wants to apologize, he knows what to do. If he respected directors and producers; he wouldn’t just sit on TV and apologize.”

Asked if an apology letter would be accepted, Mr. Ola said it would not be a guarantee for absolute pardon.

“If he brings the letter, we will look at it, though I don’t foresee any positive results. Some of our members even suggested five years, others were suggesting ten years. But we have just put on a human face,” he said.

Indicating, “how can you make such comments without any evidence to prove your claim? It has caused us a lot. If you mess yourself up by sleeping with actresses, it doesn’t mean everyone does. Most of us are married men.”

Watch Big Akwes' apologize to FIPAG below:

Source: Albert Benefo Buabeng