Music Fri, 11 Nov 2005

VIP Drops Their New Album - Odo Electric

VIP comprising Lazzy, Promzy and Prodigal? has done it again; 'Odo Electric' has been dropped out of the basket. It has heart breaking songs such as 'Pussy Cat', 'My Love', 'Mene me Joli',? 'Mbaa' featuring Castro and K. K. Fosu and the likes .

My Love’, features hooks and choruses by 2 Face. This is far from their 2003 album ‘Ahomka Womu’. VIP describe this track as a combination of street records, party records and feeling records. They say it will help them reach the listeners that got left out with their last project.

In an all-star winning collaboration featuring Skwatta Kamp of South Africa, DJ Awadi of Senegal, Edris Abdul Karim of Nigeria and Tony Tetuilla on the same album, VIP is set to explode worldwide with their highly anticipated upcoming album 'Odo Electric’.

I have seen them take the stage at diverse Ghanaian events, African events, International events and at homogeneous Accra clubs. Whatever their audience, they give out their full 100%. Certainly, they have a magnetic quality that draws people towards them.

Then there are the connections and the money that back them. They are featured on Ghana Music.com, in Africa Report (the most recent article in the May 2005 issue), and with Goodies Music Productions behind them, their videos have a slick and polished look that make other hiplife artists salivate.

The crowd movers after touring some parts of the globe this year is set to cause mayhem in Ghana with their new album. And on December 3 in U.S.A during the World AIDS day, they will put Ghana on the world music map.

If you’re a VIP fan, definitely check out this album. If you’re intrigued by VIP and their life, I also recommend it. And if you don’t care about VIP, I'm impressed you're still reading this review.

By Kevin Adisi, Ghana Music.com


Source: ghanamusic.com