VIP Was Great But Must Stay Focused

Sat, 16 Apr 2005 Source: mr. cnn

"Ahomka Wom" had been a popular song before Obour's renowned "Konkontibaa". There has never been any Ghanaian event where the Disc Jockey aka "selector" would not play this song. VIP which stands for Vision in Progress is a very popular group. It is my prayer that they will go back to the drawing board and bring out another great song even better than "Ahomka Wom".

My advice to the group is that financial rewards come with being the best among the best but that could be short term. VIP must not let financial rewards be the only thing to success. Thinking about only financial rewards will result in losing the vision. The vision is what makes them what they are. The vision is the craft and when polished from level to another level puts them ahead in the game.

They should use their success to be great role models to all. They should use their success as a model of hope. They should keep writing great songs and help unearth talents. They should be great negotiators and businessmen. They should be marketable and not considered by promoters as "asking for too much".

Winning an award in South Africa puts them among the best in Africa but that is only one continent. The world is big and so it is time for them to consider moving to the world stage. They should think "globalization". They should crossover and be recognized in the American/European markets. Some people take criticisms and suggestions as insults. This is not an insult but an expert advice to take their visions to the next level. I have faith that with their name; Vision in Progress, they would live above expectations.

There are two great Ghanaian musicians in the world that can boast of having their CDs in the Tower Records system worldwide; Osibisa and our own respectable and loveable Koo Nimmo aka Dan Amponsah. VIP should take a page from the book of these Ghana music legends.


A lot of these artistes get "big headed" or become "superhuman" because of their success and so lose focus. They behave in such way that they forget that there were pioneers who made it possible for their success. Before an artiste or a group, become a success story, there were writers, producers, executive producers, advisors, public relation executives, contributors, drivers, family members and others who offered support one way or the other. Humility is what makes a person the best respecter of all. You reap what you sow.

Last year, I read an article on Ghanamusic.com which mentioned Kontihene attacking a journalist, the same Kontihene another story on Ghanaweb severed ties with a producer who helped him to stardom.

When Nana Quame was in New York last year at the New York Picnic, he argued with the organizers and demanded money from his promoter/manager fearing that he would lose his money or ?shortchanged?. He said he was not going to perform if he did NOT get his appearance fee. The show was to start in fifteen minutes and he was demanding payment from his manager. If artistes have better terms of contract negotiations and good business acumen, an incident of this sort would not happen.

Currently there have been many artistes seeing hiplife as their easiest way to stardom. Some don't take their time to come up with great songs with a catchy phrase like "Ahomka wom". They rush and do not comprehend that music is an art. For the sake of longevity in the business, one needs to be patient and see what would be the best for generations upon generations.

One cannot depend on the previous success alone. Talent is given by God and also there should be many ways to unearth this talent.

Big up to VIP on this win, crossover to world stage and be the best that Ghana has to offer.

VIP is among the artistes scheduled to perform in the US in April. I look forward to working with them and promoting Ghanaian music worldwide.

Source: mr. cnn