Entertainment Thu, 31 Mar 2016

VVIP finally reveals the meaning of Dogo Yaro

To many, ‘Dogo Yaro’ one the songs from VVIP means someone who is heavily endowed but the owners of the songs said that’s not the meaning of the word at all.

According to them, Dogo Yaro is someone who stays strong, when he falls, he rises up, and that Dogo Yaro is all about motivation but not what people have been thinking.

Zeal of VVIP during the Kwahu Easter fiesta revealed that, “Dogo Yaro is not what people have been thinking. It simply means to stay strong, when you fall, you stand, it’s all about been strong and all the positive vibes.”


He added, “It’s not about any sexual meaning at all, Dogo Yaro is all about positive vibes.” He ended.

The song features multiple award-winning dancehall artiste, Samini.

Source: bigtriceonline.blogspot.com