Music Sat, 21 May 2011

Wanlov fights water pollution on new video

Afro-Gypsy musician Wanlov the Kubolour has started a campaign against the persistent pollution of the environment especially our water bodies.

In the light of that, he has released a video, For The River (Bathe In The River) to push his campaign. The song is a rendition of Bathe in the River by New Zealander singer Hollie Smith.

“Pollution bothers me. And I don’t like seeing villages all branded. The whole country is branded in mobile phone colours. Every roundabout or monument is branded by some company,” Kubolor recently told Arise Magazine, a global African style magazine in an interview.

That article listed him as one of the country’s top change agents for his role as a humanitarian, social activist and militant environmentalist.

Nick Dwyer, presenter of Making Tracks, a music magazine TV show which takes New Zealand music around the world and blends it with the music and cultures of countries which have so far included Lebanon, Ukraine, Japan and Ghana, approached Wanlov with the song and idea for the program some months ago.


The video is prelude to the Environmental Film Festival of Accra scheduled to take place between June 7 to 19.

Just around the time of the festival, Wanlove the Kubolor and his Afro-Gypsy band will be touring some European countries to perform and also promote his Brown Card: African Gypsy album.

He was selected by the Institut Français and OIF to be one of three artistes of the Equation Music stage who will perform at the tour.

The two other artistes also named for the tour are Winyo from Kenya and Bélo from Haïti and they will perform in Germany, Italy, UK and France.

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