Entertainment Sun, 10 Jul 2016

Watch: Blitz the ambassador’s interview with Aina Fadina

Recently named a “top web series” by CNN, Aina Fadina’s “I of Africa” is an original multimedia web series about Africa, Africans and those captivated by its allure.

Founded in 2013, the series presents global cultural dialogues and stories that celebrate individualism and innovative thinkers and doers inspired by the continent.

From its foods and cultures to its natural wonders, Africa is the most diverse among all its sister continents, even though it is often presented in mainstream Western media as homogeneous. “I of Africa” captures and celebrates the interplay between the continent and the world at large.

Entrepreneur, international high fashion model and creative director, Aina Fadina is the creator and host of “I of Africa.” Born in Lagos and raised in the USA, Fadina cultivates the diverse narratives and counter narratives of Africa, and distills them through her evocative storytelling into a compelling web series for a global audience.

In each episode, Aina explores and engages the stories of Africans and friends of Africa, on the continent and in the Diaspora, showcasing the resourcefulness across industries, from fashion and business to music and film to culture and art.

In the first two seasons, the show laid the platform for its mission, featuring an exciting collection of 13 episodes, shot in Lagos, NYC, and London.

In season 3, “I of Africa” features episodes filmed in Lagos, NYC, Cape Town, Paris, and London. This season features Mimi Plange, Laolu Senbanjo, Blitz The Ambassador, Seun Kuti, Marcus Samuelson, and the creative team behind “Eclipsed.”

Season 3 launches this week, on the “I of Africa” Youtube channel and on all South African Airways flights. Expect at least 8 episodes this season (it’s an entirely self-funded, one-woman venture), with new episodes released every 2 weeks.

The first episode, which you can watch below, Fadina interviews Ghanaian-American hip-hop and visual artist based in Brooklyn, USA, Blitz the Ambassador. The interview takes place in Paris.

Source: shadowandact.com