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Watch the trailer of 'Otoolege' episode 2

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On Friday March 15,2019 , we would find out if Taller of ‘Otoolege’ fame would be able to see the nakedness of his new ‘catch’ Lorty and possibly enjoy the ‘meat’ between her legs in the second edition of the new and interesting skit series christened ‘Otoolege’ from Emklan media productions.

Just like any other man would do, after spending on Lorty, Taller is keen to reaping the fruits of his spending and therefore invites Lorty to his house so they could spend quality time together . When a guy talks about ‘quality time’ you should know what that means.

As to whether Lorty would even visit Taller in his house or not , and whether Taller would even get the chance to have his way with her,follow the sstory now on Emklantv on youtube on Otoolege.


‘Otoolege’ is written and directed by Quophi Okyeame for his Emklan Media Production outfit and its aired on EMKLANTV on Youtube.

Watch the trailer below:

Source: Emklan Media Production