There’s more to beads than just fashion - Fashion designer

Ghanaian Beads Variety.png A variety of Ghanaian beads

Fri, 19 Mar 2021 Source: etvghana.com

Student and Fashion Designer, Abigail Sedufia, has alluded that in as much as beads are worn to accessorize and beautify the body, there is a lot more to make from or do with beads.

Interviewed on Girl Vibes which airs on eTV Ghana, she noted that the use of beads is not limited to the beautification of the body only. “We have curtains, centre table covers and a whole lot of artefacts that are made from beads so let’s not just concentrate on the body aspect”, she said.

Abigail also enlightened that although it seems much attention is not given to the bead business, it can be a means of generating income especially if people learn how to make other artefacts from beads instead of limiting themselves to the everyday waist beads, bracelets, anklets and what not.

Moving on, the fashion designer hammered on one very bothering observation that she has made about some people who wear waist beads and advised against it.

According to her, some women wear lots of beads or big beads on their waist so much that it is always visible in their clothes. “It’s so irritating to see ladies out there in bodycon dresses and wearing those thick beads that show in their outfits. Sometimes we abuse it and that is really wrong. For the fashion aspect, you’re not supposed to make it really visible”, the fashion designer advised.

Source: etvghana.com