Entertainment Tue, 19 Jul 2011

Weekend for the dogs

Oops! I meant to say weekend for the underdogs. Hi folks, the last time we spoke, I was waiting for some big summer blockbuster transfers, I was also bored to death and serenading myself with some fantastic tennis coming from SW19 – Wimbledon. Since then, I’ve been to the Women’s world cup in Germany and to the U17 world cup in Mexico. I am a happy bloke right now. Currently, I am in Argentina for the Copa America. But before that, I must say that women’s football has improved a great deal. We did not witness some of the cricket score lines of past world cups, the reason being that the gulf in class between teams has greatly diminished. Even our African representatives, Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea managed respectable score lines, the latter more or less a “Chinese version” of the Brazilian national team.

Whiles our aimless and visionless selves sat back home and watched, Japan and Mexico conquered the Women’s and the U17’s world cups respectively. The Japanese caught my eye the most. They seem to have adopted a Barcelona-like passing game that is a delight to watch. This philosophy transcends all levels, from the juvenile through to the senior level. Against the favourites and the number 1 ranked team in Women’s football, the USA, it was the underdog who triumphed. It was overwhelming to see the Japanese dolls running wild at the end of a gruelling penalty shootout. In fact, the story was the same in the Copa America. In a truly biblical context, all 4 semi-finalists were the “Davids” in their respective duels. Whiles Uruguay knocked out hosts Argentina, Paraguay stunned Brazil and lowly Peru and Venezuela dipped their (Oliver twist) hands in the cookie jars of both Colombia and Chile. More to come on the Argentina-Brazil penalties debacle but this year’s tournament has been anything but a goal-fest. Goals are at a premium.

Away from the weekend of surprises, this weekend also saw Wenger and Mancini have a go at each other over star player Samir Nasri. Mancini reckons he is going to sign Nasri at the end of this month. But with Tevez seemingly on his way to Corinthians and City issuing a “watch this space” threat to all clubs, who can blame Wenger for feeling intimidated? Well, I can!!! I just don’t know what is wrong with that man. Trust me gunners, I am as clueless as you lot. Sources close to the Emirates tell me, instead of him going out to get the big names that his “BABY” side so requires, he’s handed over all the funds to Kenny Dalglish to do that for him. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what has been happening here. It is rather Liverpool doing all the biz, signalling a clear intention for next season. It is becoming abundantly clear that if Wenger were your boyfriend (and he had all the means), you would be eating at Mr. Black’s “check-check” or Hot-pot when Papaye is there, at Odo rice when Golden Tulip is there. Hope you get my drift. One word- CHEAP!

I would like to say kudos to Kwesi “la Macia” Appiah, Samuel Inkoom and the rest of the boys. It’s been a long time since we’ve had such a performance from any of our national sides other than the Black Stars. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the game (last week against the Dream Team V of Nigeria) because all the Yutong buses had gone to Sunyani and so had Gtv and surprisingly, Metro TV. As for TV3, forget them, they are only good for “Talented kids”, “it’s big”, eerm…you know, “dem kind tins”. Finally, a bit of good news for Junior Agogo fans, anybody remember him? Anybody?!? Well, the burly striker has resurfaced finally after a long walk in the wilderness to earn himself a trial at Scottish side Hibernian. I’d definitely keep you posted. You know how we does!!